Superior quality and lower costs will help make it a good year.

Our flagship product within the wine industry, the KMS WINEFILTER, has been installed in wineries around the world to produce clear, stable, flavorful wines. We set out to streamline processes by increasing throughput and reducing filtration steps and down time. The result is a low-cost, efficient system that is gentle on wine thanks to minimal heating.
We offer a range of automation options, from manual to fully mechanized, and a range of sizes: 5 to 10 gpm (10 to 20 hl/hr) filtrate flow to upwards of 100 gpm (230 hl/hr). One system is suitable for all styles of wine, keeping capital investments low. Reverse flow and back-pulse options are available to stabilize flow and minimize membrane fouling. Our standard systems include WF-6 and WF-12 as well as large custom options tailored to your business.
KMS vinegar systems easily clarify and filter out the haze typical in vinegar processes. Replacing diatomaceous earth filters, our systems are now widely used in white distilled, malt, apple cider, and red wine vinegar plants all around the world. The family of standard vinegar systems includes VF-6, VF-12, and VF-18 as well as large custom systems to meet your needs.

The benefits are clear:

- Compact and efficient

- Highly instrumented and automated

- Reduced capital and operating costs

- Self-contained, wheel-mounted options

- Available in multiple voltage configurations

- Lower energy requirements, smaller pumps and piping