SUPER-COR® Systems


Rely on our proven performance and durability for your juice and beverage processing.

In developing juice clarification solutions, we set out to address a variety of processing requirements. The result is our SUPER-COR modules, ingeniously designed in a series to maximize the ratio of membrane surface area to product volume, increasing juice throughput while minimizing energy usage. Easy to install, each system comes with pump, motor, controls, piping, valves, and instrumentation facilitating a simple, once-through batch process, up to 200 gpm (45 m3/hr). 

The benefits are clear:

- Designed with plant and operators’ needs in mind

- Fully automated with integral clean-in-place and permeate transfer

- Automatic over-concentration protection feature prevents plugging

- High output, little footprint

SUPER-COR and SUPER-G Modules product applications