Next Generation PURON MBR. Driving efficiency with comparable overall life cycle costs to conventional systems.

Koch Membrane Systems’ (KMS) family of PURON Submerged Membrane Modules provide treatment for industrial and municipal water and wastewater applications.

Up to 40% Aeration Energy Reduction

PULSION MBR pulses a large bubble through a chambered fiber bundle creating a highly efficient piston-like pumping action resulting in lower air and aeration energy requirements than traditional air scour methods. This innovative product is able to harness the aeration energy utilizing the unique single header and central aeration design of the PURON membrane module.

25% Footprint Reduction

Improved recirculation of mixed liquor within the membrane module, not only results in lowered air requirements, but also boosts achievable fluxes. Optimized module design and flexible system layout options reduce membrane tank sizing. The combination of greater productivity, increase in packing density, along with a streamlined system configuration allows the overall system footprint to be significantly reduced.

Simplified Design and Operation

Operating with a continuous supply of air eliminates the need for air cycle valves. A reduced air flow rate applied to the membranes on a continuous basis instead of high air flows applied cyclically reduces the size of the air delivery equipment by 50%. This simplified blower arrangement and train configuration further reduce equipment and engineering costs associated with the design, construction and operation of PULSION MBR systems.


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