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Main advantages of EDCORE® / EDCORE®-MAX membranes

  • Energy savings in process (OpEx) reach 15-20% for the same amount of paint deposition. They are related to the iononic transfer performance of the membrane, higher than the flat membranes and the cell design.
  • EDCORE® / EDCORE®-MAX membranes are extruded and self supported ; there is no grid, no glue to build a cylinder, no leakage.
  • During maintenance EDCORE® / EDCORE®-MAX can be stored dry, and reused several weeks later.
  • All membranes expand from 5 to 7 % from dry to wet, The membrane surface EDCORE® / EDCORE®-MAX remains smooth and rigid, is easy to clean and to brush internally and externally (≈ 2kg/cm²)
  • EDCORE® / EDCORE®-MAX are not water permeable (important for maintenance operations)



Summary of the main advantages of Electrodialysis EDCORE® and EDCORE®MAX Cells

  • Energy friendly: the combination of the EDCORE membrane and the construction of the EDCORE cell add up to energy savings of 15 to 20% for the same amount of paint deposition
  • Between their wet and dry states all EDCORE membranes will expand 5 to 7%. The cells that are only fixed at the top of the tank border will expand freely from dry to wet; the membrane surface remains smooth, no sedimentation from pigments on the surface of the membrane
  • The life time of Alting EDCORE® and EDCORE®MAX Cells is significantly superior to flat membranes : many references of installations which are over 10 years old are available.
  • Alting grant a 3 years warranty from for EDCORE Cells for automotive industries tanks, and proposes maintenances contracts.
  • EDCORE® / EDCORE®MAX is the only membrane allowing a water leak free test under pressure : tested for 3 minutes with water at 1.3 bar for EDCORE® (in process: maximum 0.8 bar) and 1.5 bar for EDCORE®-MAX (maximum 0.6 bar in process)
  • An anolyte circulation under pressure allows adjustable flow rate for each cell individually optimizing energy costs for the pumps. Maintenance operations are facilitated by stopping the anolyte circuit and small cuts can be repaired with EDCORE Membrane patches
  • Alting offers assistance in sizing, and proposes contracts for mounting and maintenance