Combined Solution Approach to all your Textile Filtration Challenges

You will find in KMS an experienced partner to all your filtration needs. Your facility will benefit from our PURON® MP water filtration systems, which will reliably produce high quality water for your different processes. Our tubular KONSOLIDATOR crossflow filtration systems will concentrate indigo dye and other dyeing and printing effluents to recover and reuse expensive chemicals. Our high-temperature spiral systems will recover PVA from your sizing/desizing lines and our nanofiltration spiral products will concentrate and desalinate your soluble dye to improve product quality and shelf life.

On the backside of your operations, our unique Causti-COR® technology will recover the spent caustic from the bleaching, mercerization, and CIP operations, reducing your waste stream and cutting down your chemical costs. Lastly, we will help you treat your wastewater using our PURON MBR systems, for safe discharge or reuse, meeting most stringent regulations.