Membran Konfigürasyonu

Membran Konfigürasyonu

Our membrane technology is distinctly tailored to your needs

Membranes come in four basic configurations – tubular, spiral, hollow fiber, and flat sheet. Each is configured differently, both in packaging and in the types of materials used, to address the range of physical characteristics found in process fluids. There are distinct advantages that come with each configuration, allowing you to manage your process needs effectively.


About Spiral Membranes

Nobody knows spiral membranes better than the people who invented the technology

KSS produced the industry’s first spiral wound RO element. Robust, energy efficient, and economical, it is made from layers of flat-sheet membranes and feed separators wrapped around a hollow core. Feed solutions enter one end of the element, flowing under pressure through the membrane into permeate channels, spiral to the central core, and exit as permeate. This configuration offers the highest membrane-packing area with the smallest footprint. 
Offered in a variety of materials, diameters, and lengths, spiral membranes have become the most prevalent of membrane configurations and are frequently used in seawater desalination, brackish water treatment, water softening and organics removal, and water reclamation and reuse. We also offer sanitary spirals for dairy and industrial biotechnology uses. 


About Tubular Membranes

Membrane technology can be exceptionally tough

Thanks to the rugged construction of KSS tubular membranes, they can easily process high suspended solids, and concentrate product proficiently and repeatedly to high end-point concentration levels without plugging, making them ideal for recovering wastewaters, and clarifying juices. 
Available in microfiltration and ultrafiltration, our tubular membranes operate in tangential, or cross-flow, design where process fluid is pumped along the membrane surface in a sweeping action. We offer a wide selection of durable options that are easy to operate and clean, serving a variety of industrial and municipal applications.


About Hollow Fiber Membranes

Handle your highest volumes with ease and efficiency

KSS hollow fiber membranes have been successfully employed in industrial water, industrial wastewater, and beverage processing applications worldwide, and are particularly well suited to the high production demands of municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. 
Depending on the technology employed, our hollow fibers can operate with flows from “inside-to-outside” as seen in our TARGA® II HF or from “outside-to-inside” as seen in our reinforced PURON membranes. Regardless of flow pattern, hollow fiber membranes offer a compact, cost-effective solution for filtering large volumes of liquids utilizing minimal space and energy.